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DR. ROBERT RUDER Facial Reconstructive and Otolaryngology Surgery

drruderRobert O. Ruder, M.D., is Board Certified and a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery since 1975. His credentials include:

• Assistant Clinical Professor Head and Neck Surgery, UCLA Medical Center
• Clinical Instructor, USC Medical School
• Past President, Los Angeles Society of Otolaryngology / Head Neck Surgery
• Dr. Ruder is affiliated with most hospitals in Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area.

Successful facial surgery is a result of a good relationship between a patient and surgeon. Trust and confidence in your surgeon is an important first step of your journey to an excellent result. An excellent result is based on realistic expectations and the medical expertise of your surgeon that develops in the consulting stages before surgery.

Dr. Ruder provides the highest quality of care and confidentiality to his patients. Please feel free to browse this website. Also feel free to contact Dr. Ruder’s office at 310-285-9612 or by clicking on the Contact link above.

Dr. Ruder is also an expert on ear reconstructive surgery. His Institute of Ear Reconstruction focuses on the latest, cutting-edge techniques in ear reconstructive surgery. The Institute specializes in the patients dealing with microtia or dysplastic ear conditions and has pioneered many ways to correct these severe abnormalities. The Institute has also pioneered non-surgical molding techniques for infants and incisionless otoplasty methods for minor conditions. From the toughest cases to making cosmetic enhancements, the Institute can be relied on to provide the best treatment in the world.


Dr. Ruder has authored many books and articles on a variety of subjects.  Check out his publications.