Dr. Ruder is a renowned expert on ear surgery. This section of the website contains links to articles that he's written, books that he's contributed to, press regarding his practice, and a presentation that covers various aspects of ear conditions and surgeries.

Los Angeles Times Article

 Constructing Confidence : Dr. Robert Ruder used cows’ ribs to find a way to create human ears from rib cartilage. His ingenuity and dedication have given those with microtia new hope.


Syndromic Ear Anomalies and Renal Ultrasounds

The ear develops at the same time as the kidneys.  Infrequently anomalies of the ear are associated with abnormalities of the kidneys.  This article discusses when your doctor should evaluate the kidneys if abnormalities of the ear are present.

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Injuries of the Pinna

This book chapter discusses Dr. Ruder’s experience and advice to correct traumatic injuries of the auricle.


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Evaluation and Treatment of the Deformed and Malformed Auricle

This publication describes when the auricle develops, problems with several deformities of the auricle, and methods to correct congenital abnormalities of the auricle.

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